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#BookReview: His Royal Highness by RS Grey ~A Fun, Passionate, Fairytale Romance

#BookReview: His Royal Highness by RS Grey ~A Fun, Passionate, Fairytale Romance on Njkinny's Blog

Title and Author: His Royal Highness by RS Grey
No. of Pages: 326
Publication Date: 14th November 2019
Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy, Fairytale Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Adult Romance
Language: English

#BookReview: His Royal Highness by RS Grey

I first came across RS Grey's books while searching for romantic comedy titles on Amazon and ever since picking up that first book, I have never looked back. RS Grey's books are now on my auto 1-click list. Also it is so cool that all her titles are FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited. So I highly recommend getting a membership and also never missing out on reading her books. They are all memorable stories. I have read them all and up till now I haven't found a single title that I didn't enjoy!

His Royal Highness is her latest release and I had been excitedly waiting to read it ever since I first heard about it. Finally as soon as it came up for ordering, I did and then dived right in and wow! This one is another stellar romance that has had me coming back for repeats. I am so in love with this book that I almost didn't want to write a review because then it would mean I had finally shelved it on the "Read" shelf and this I definitely never want to do with it. Same thing I have felt for her other books. Thus, so few reviews by me because I always keep justifying to myself that I will have to re-read her books again so I remember the story better to write a well-informed and balanced review.
However, after much debate on this "very bad" habit of mine with my husband who just gives me the evil eye every time I don't post a review after reading a book because in his opinion, it is my humble duty to inform my readers about every title that I have read so they get to know about more books, I have decided to write reviews on all books that I read from now on. I promise. {imagine me raising my hand in a pledge.}

So here goes my review for His Royal Highness by RS Grey.

"My life is a fairytale. Or rather...

it takes place inside of one..."

These lines had me intrigued and then I was thrown into a magical world of make-belief fairytale characters, larger-than-life sets and theme based entertainment offered in Fairytale Kingdom. Whitney works as Princess Elena in this theme park and her job is to stand pretty as the aforementioned Princess inside her castle and meet and greet the guests who come to visit the castle.

She has had a crush on the heir to the family owning the theme park for years.

"I don’t know how a soul finds its mate, why it seemed like mind had latched onto someone who was the least logical choice. All I know is it’s been eight years and I’m still not over my silly crush on Derek Knightley."

Then after eight years, the heir, Derek Knightley returns to take over the business and starts the rollercoaster romance between our hero and heroine.

I absolutely loved Whitney. She is such a strong character who has braved hardships and heartbreak to make a life for herself where everyone loves and adores her. I instantly connected with her problems, her struggles to stay positive and move ahead of the things she can't change in her life. I rooted for a happy ending for her and sat glued silently cheering her on when she went head-on with Derek. My heart sighed every time these two came together and the words are so expressive, I easily created a mental picture of these two.

"To love is to settle, to feel calmed by a lover's embrace. It's why people often define home as a person, not a place.

Derek is my home..."

The only time she frustrated me was with her family and her lack of stand there. Though she did buck up in the end but I want to know more about her changed dynamics with her family.

Loved Avery, her sister. I am hoping the author will write her story soon and when she does, I will be the first one to download it, I promise! :D

Carrie is another character I loved reading about. She is the perfect friend for Whitney and I enjoyed their bantering. Her story also runs alongside Whitney and I am intrigued to read her romance separately. Her beau, Thomas had me curious and he sounded so cute. Just the hero I want to read about next.

I felt sorry for Ryan and through no fault of anyone, his story is left hanging. I am rooting for you, Ryan and waiting to dive into your romance. I hope you are listening Miss Grey. Please please write Ryan's story too.

Then Cal aka Charles Knightley, the man behind Fairytale Kingdom is so cute. He is just like the quirky yet favourite Uncle we have or envision having in our lives. He is super talented, eccentric, workaholic and a hopeless romantic. His matchmaking efforts had me chuckling and relishing the story even better.

Lastly, Derek Knightley, hero extraordinaire and the dashing alpha man I love reading about. He is passionate, ambitious, loyal, responsible, workaholic and stubborn. He is the perfect match for Whitney and their chemistry is red hot!
I laughed, cried, celebrated love and friendship and fell more and more in love with this book.

The world building is extraordinary. I have never been to Disney Land but all through this book I felt like I visited and then re-visited the magical fairytale land again and again. Thank you RS for giving me free trips! Lol

The romance builds slowly but the sexual tension, angst, the chemistry and the relationship balance among the primary and the secondary characters is so beautifully balanced that not for a second did I feel bored.

A must read that will keep you hooked throughout and then make you want to pick up the story to read again, Njkinny recommends His Royal Highness by RS Grey to all romance lovers above the age of eighteen. 4.5 stars out of 5 to it from me and I am eagerly awaiting the next book by the author.

The only reason I am taking away half a star because I felt the closure of Whitney and her family's angle a bit rushed.

I heartily recommend RS Grey to all romance lovers who love reading entertaining books full of heart with memorable characters, engaging storylines and plentiful laughs.

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