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Dabur Lal Tail ~ One of the best baby massage oils #MotherhoodMonday

Winter is at its peak with temperatures dropping with each passing day and with this flu, cold and dry skin are making mothers all over the country worried about their babies. Being a first time mother myself, I can relate to their anxiety and efforts towards keeping their little ones safe and protected from the harsh cold.

Regularly massaging your baby is a great way to not only bond with him but also keep him healthy.

Baby skin is super sensitive. To give them the best, always try and use natural products.

I have been using Dabur Lal Tail to massage my baby since birth and it is so effective that I felt the need to share this massage oil recommendation with all the mothers confused about the best oil to use for their baby.

Ayurvedic, natural massage oil for babies : Dabur Lal Tail review on Njkinny's Blog

Dabur Lal Tail is a baby massage oil and an Ayurvedic massage oil that contains herbal ingredients that have proven health benefits like Til Tail, Ratanjot, Shankhapushpi, Camphor and Urad. 

) Til Tail or Sesame Oil improves growth and post-massage sleep, 
2) Ratanjot protects against skin infection, 
3) Shankhapushpi cures general weakness, 
4) Camphor improves blood circulation 
5) Urad nourishes muscles & bones

This oil has been like a tradition in my family where a new mother is instructed and advised to use Dabur Lal Tail to massage their baby. I am told that my grandmother used this oil as the massage oil for all her children and then my mother used to massage me and my brother with it. I have even seen my relatives and neighbours using this oil for their babies. 

I still remember those cold mornings when my mother used to massage my brother's body with Dabur Lal Tail and lay him in the sun after that while my brother seemed relaxed and very happy playing with his legs and sucking his thumb all the time. Those warmth and happiness inducing massage sessions are a happy memory for me, one I am so glad to have replicated with my own kid too.

Apart from relaxing babies and nourishing their muscles and bones, a massage is also a way in which a mother bonds to her child. The baby recognizes and feels safe in the hands of his mother, thus, forming a trust that is cemented for a lifetime.

Here is why Njkinny recommends Dabur Lal Tail:

1) Ayurvedic massage oil that contains natural ingredients like Til Tail, Ratanjot, Shankhapushpi, Camphor and Urad.

2) All natural with no side effects and artificial impurities.

3) Eases the muscles and strengthens them. 

My kid is now three years old and often experiences the "growing pains" after an energetic day. A massage with this oil always helps in relieving the pain and easing the tightness in his muscles.

4) Helps baby sleep. 

A massage with Dabur Lal Tail relaxes by kid and makes him sleep peacefully.

5) Strengthens baby's bones and muscles.

6) Proven safe and effective for better overall physical growth of babies.

7) Keeps the baby's skin soft and supple.

After a massage with this oil, my baby's skin gets a soft, moisturised and nourished feel.

8) No need to heat it.

It is warm in texture and you will feel the warmth in your hands when you apply it on the baby. It gives just the right amount of warmth to the body to relax and strengthen it; making it one of the best massage oils for all seasons!

9) A great way to know and bond with your child. 

10) Makes the baby happy and active.

When a baby is relaxed and healthy, he is also happy and active. I have tried so many oils on my kid but in the end, I always come back to Dabur Lal Tail. It is better and more effective than any one oil because it has many healthy ingredients in it.

11) Useful for flabby, dry skin and wrinkles occurring during rickets.

It nourishes the skin and tightens it. 

12) Can be used right from birth and even by adults.

I used this oil on my baby right from birth and he is three now and still using this oil for his massages.
I have seen it working wonders for even the adults in my family who had been facing pain, stiff muscles and numbness in their body.

13) Easy availability and comes from a trusted Brand.

This oil is easily available to buy in the market- both offline and online. Also it is a Dabur product that is an old and trusted brand.

Dabur Lal Tail ~ One of the best baby massage oils #MotherhoodMonday

**PS: Don't use this oil to massage the face. Use it on the body only.

For the face, I use Coconut oil which is moisturising; nourishing; naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

** For best results, regularly massage baby with this oil.

The last few years have seen people getting disillusioned to synthetic products and a sudden rise in the usage of natural products.

As my grandmother used to say,
"Be natural and you will be happy" and I totally agree with her.

Give your child the best care that he deserves by embracing nature and natural products. Massage you child with Dabur Lal Tail and see you child grow healthy and happy. :)


This post is part of #MotherhoodMonday weekly meme on Njkinny's Blog where I talk about topics related and relevant to Mothers and Babies.

#MotherhoodMonday weekly meme on Njkinny's Blog where I talk about topics related and relevant to Mothers and Babies.

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