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#WhatAreYouReadingWednesday(9): Hack Is Back (The Hacker #2) by SMoss

#WhatAreYouReadingWednesday(9): Hack Is Back (The Hacker #2) by SMoss on Njkinny's Blog

"What are you reading?" Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted on Njkinny's Blog which spotlights the books I am currently reading and/or recommend. 

#WhatAreYouReadingWednesday(9): Hack Is Back (The Hacker #2) by SMoss

This week I am reading and loving SMoss' latest release, Hack is Back that is the sequel to his 2012 release, The Hacker. A high-voltage drama that has cyber crime, villain hackers and underdog heroes who race against time to save innocent lives, Hack is Back has me biting my nails to know what happens next!

When I came to know about the release of the sequel, I jumped at the chance to read it as soon as possible.

Here is more about Hack is Back by SMoss:

Release Date: 2019


What about that crazy rumor going around town that The Hacker is back? 

Can it be true? 

He hasn’t been seen or heard for a long time. 

Did Vikram really die in the big shoot-out in Dwarka a year ago, where a gang of Nigerian thugs squared off against a rogue regiment from the Indian Army? 

And who are those crazy, disorganized Israelis making trouble at our favorite young technology company based in Gurgaon? 

And the mysterious figure from Eastern Europe who wants to be paid off, but only in Bitcoins? 

It’s up to the kids at Talsera to find out what the real deal is with illegal private jets landing at secret airstrips, malware embedded in smartphone apps, and unrequited love. In this sequel to ‘The Hacker,’ you’ll discover the next chapter in this exciting tale of the new technologized India.
Have you added Hack is Back to your tbr?

Add on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50216686-hack-is-back

Read it with me. It is available both as an ebook and a paperback. Also FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Yay!

Find it to read here:

Amazon.in | Amazon.com

What are you reading this week?


What are you reading? Wednesday is a weekly meme on Njkinny's Blog

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