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Top Bollywood Comedy Movies to watch while you are in self-quarantine #StayHomeStaySafe

Comedy is a much-needed ingredient in our hectic lives today. It relaxes us, makes us laugh and forget about our worries if only for a short time.

Today, I will share my list of the "Top Bollywood Comedy Movies" that everyone should watch for full-on laughs and entertainment.

The list is sorted in ascending order based on the release date of the movies.

1) Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958)

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

A crisp story with a perfect balance of emotional play and epic comedy timing, memorable performances by Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Anoop Kumar, and Madhubala and evergreen hit songs that still make us want to sing along and shake to their tunes, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi came in 1958 and lived up to its pre-release motto "It will come to you like a gust of FRESH BREEZE"!

With everything to make it a memorable watch, the movie is still a superhit in the hearts of movie buffs and continues to charm us even after decades of its release!

Three brothers, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar and Anoop Kumar (who also happen to be brothers in real life) run a garage. The eldest brother, Ashok Kumar, hates women and wants his brothers to have no association with them. But all this changes when Madhubala brings her car for repair to their garage and runs into Kishore Kumar who falls in love with her!

2) Padosan (1968)

Padosan - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

A young man (Sunil Dutt) falls in love with his new neighbour (Saira Banu) and hatches a scheme with his friends to woo her. Knowing her love for music, he takes the help of his friend (Kishore Kumar) who has a melodious voice to sing while he lip-syncs, hoping to impress her and in turn, fall in love with him. However, he faces a challenge when the neighbour's music teacher (Mehmood) who also happens to be in love with her, tries his best to woo her instead!

A well crafted and executed story full of comedy, social lessons, heartfelt emotional play and a sweet romance with the heartwarming promise of true friendship, Padosan released in 1968 and was an immediate hit. With super hit songs that are still a favourite and memorable acting by Mehmood as the funny, besotted and yet very talented South Indian music teacher, Saira Banu as the very modern and heart-stopping beautiful neighbour in love with music, Sunil Dutt as the ideal young man who respects his elders, follows the four stages of life, is sweet and very loyal but who sucks at singing and desperately wants to win the love of his beautiful neighbour, Kishore Kumar as the loyal friend, guru and owner of a drama party who sportingly steps in to help his friend win the love of the woman of his dreams and last but the least, Om Prakash who plays Sunil Dutt's middle age Uncle still in love with the idea of marrying just eighteen turned women, Padosan has everything to make us laugh, enjoy and then come back again to re-watch this evergreen movie!

3) Buddha Mil Gaya (1971)

Buddha Mil Gaya- Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Directed by the Master of Comedy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Buddha Mil Gaya was a movie quite different from the other comedy movies of the time. It was both comedy and thriller and had a middle-age character (Om Prakash) as the main hero.

Armed with a beautifully woven mystery and perfectly timed comedy, Buddha Mil Gaya witnessed the impeccable and noteworthy performances by Om Prakash who plays the role of the "Buddha" (old man) who has a reward on his head for the person who finds him, Deven Verma and Navin Nischol who play the role of two unemployed friends struggling to live in the big city of Mumbai. The songs "Raat Kali Ek khwab Mai Ayi", "Bhali Bhali Si Ek Surat" and the short song which played a very crucial role in the movie, "Aayo Kahan Se Ghanshyam" became instant hits and are still popular among the music lovers.

Two struggling friends, Deven Verma and Navin Nischol are on the lookout of an opportunity that will pull them out of the deep pit of poverty they are in. Months behind on their rent, running from their strict landlady (Lalita Pawar), doing small jobs to afford their meager meals, their life takes a turn when they read about a missing person (Om Prakash) and a reward which will be paid to anyone who brings any news about this missing man before a certain date but the discovery of this missing man brings with it lots of danger, mystery, murders and soon both these friends are neck-deep in a criminal conspiracy with the missing man at the center of it!

4) Bawarchi (1972)

Bawarchi - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Another memorable superhit comedy movie from the great Director, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Bawarchi told the story of a family riddled with the problems faced by the general Indian middle class like money problems, jealousy, social and character differences, communication gaps, job frustrations, the ever-increasing yearning for a good cook who works diligently, throws no tantrums and charges money within the limits of the paying power of the middle class, etc. 
Faced with the huge challenge of finding a Bawarchi (cook) who would stay this time (no one stayed with this family for long), cook decent meals, throw no tantrums and not ask for a super-high salary, their problem is solved when a mysterious and unknown cook (Rajesh Khanna) applies for the job and asks for such low salary that they can't believe their ears. Soon their new cook makes a place in their hearts and with them also the hearts of the viewers while he not only cooks great meals but also changes this family's outlook to life and to each other completely!
The mystery of the cook when it is revealed at the very end left me in tears. A movie with a message, this one is full of entertainment and was such a big hit that many movies have been made based on it!

 5) Bombay to Goa (1972)

Bombay to Goa - Top Bollywood Hindi Comedy Movies to watch - Njkinny's Blog

A runaway witness to a murder and one bus journey from Bombay to Goa form the basis of this movie. It sounds so simple and yet the movie is so beautifully portrayed that it leaves only heartfelt laughter and face-splitting smiles in its wake.

6) Chupke Chupke (1975)

Chupke Chupke  - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Another epic movie from Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Chupke Chupke had the viewers laughing with tears in their eyes and thoroughly entertained right till the end. Released in 1975, this one again made a place in the hearts of the people with its simplicity and yet a great story proving that a good film doesn't require huge budgets and flashy locales.

A botany professor falls in love and marries his sweetheart but then becomes self-conscious of all the praise and respect he hears and sees from his wife about her brother-in-law. Determined to prove that he is also worthy of her praise and just as good as her infallible brother-in-law, he hatches a plan to play a prank on the said brother-in-law and prove to his wife that even her God-like brother-in-law who, according to her, can smell a fraud from miles away is still human and capable of making mistakes.

Full of melodious songs, praiseworthy acting from all actors like Om Prakash who plays the role of the infallible brother-in-law, Dharmendra who is the self-conscious botany professor, Sharmila Tagore who is Dharmendra wife and the other characters played by Amitabh Bachchan, Asrani, David Abraham etc., simple locales, a normal family setting but a tight-knit story with excellent comedy timing makes this movie a must-watch and guaranteed to have you watching it again and again!

7) Golmaal (1979)

Golmaal - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Golmaal is another comedy masterpiece that has inspired so many movies in Bollywood. A film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee who, no doubt about it, is the master of making comedy movies, Golmaal had a strict and eccentric rich old man, Bhavani Shankar who believes that a man without a mustache is a man without character and who also abhors all play activities for youngsters who he believes should concentrate on only work; and Ram Prasad, a recent college graduate who is in need of a job. He is told that if he changes his appearance and behaves like he doesn't know anything apart from his field of work then he will surely get a high paying job with the rich Bhavani Shankar. Ram does get the job but with his lies is soon forced to tell more lies finally getting entangled in a web of lies of his own making.

Rib tickling, full of laughter-inducing moments with noteworthy performances by Utpal Dutt who plays the eccentric old man, Amol Palekar who plays Ram Prasad and others like Deven Verma, Bindiya Goswami, Shubha Khote, Dina Pathak, David Abraham etc., a strong plot, expert direction, catchy dialogues and soulful sings like "Aanewala pal", Golmaal is a strong contender on the list of best Bollywood Comedy movies.

8) Chashme Buddoor (1981)

Chashme Buddoor  - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Starring Deepti Naval, Farooq Shaikh, Rakesh Bedi, Ravi Baswani and Saeed Jaffrey, Chashme Buddoor is the story of three friends. Two are womanizers while one is a nerd. Farooq Shaikh plays the nerd who becomes the source of envy for his womanizing friends (Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani) when he scores a beautiful girl. Hilarity ensues when these envious buddies try various ways to cause discord between the two lovebirds.

Reminiscent of college days and full of humourous situations with memorable acting, this one is a proud feature of this list. You will laugh, cringe and then fall in love with the eccentric, not-so-perfect but totally adorable trio of friends who fight, get jealous with each other but always have each others' backs.

9) Angoor (1982)

Angoor  - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog
Angoor, directed by Gulzar and based on Shakespeare's famous play "A Comedy of Errors" released in 1982 and even after decades continues to win the hearts of comedy lovers. Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma play dual roles and it is by destiny that they cross paths with their twins and then confusion reigns leading to drama, comedy, emotional play, and memorable dialogues.

The story is again expertly plotted to give it an Indian touch, admirably executed and beautifully taken forward by the actors who bring life to the characters in this movie. The dialogues are catchy, the emotions heartfelt, the comedy genuine and the confusion so real that it feels like everything is happening to us. The settings, people and situations are so common but still, they leave a deep impression and have made this movie a memorable one.

10) Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (1983)

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro is the story of two very talented and yet unsuccessful photographers who get embroiled in a murder when they come across the shady side of real estate. Determined to reveal the corrupt people who are both highly placed in the system and also very dangerous, these two are met with many difficulties and life-threatening situations.

Although a dark satire on the rampant corruption in India, be it politics or business, this movie successfully imparted the message the director wanted to send out while also entertaining the viewers. Full of comic scenarios, catchy dialogues and a story that not only makes us laugh but also thrills us with a promise of danger, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron was not a success on release but since then has gained fame and become a cult classic with no loss in its relevance. The popularity is only growing and according to the Indian Express, the film's high recall value even after 27 years, is due to "its superb satirical depiction of the essential, timeless, human condition: supreme self-interest versus some moral/ethical anchor. What made the depiction particularly powerful, was its setting: India of the early '80s".

A definite must-watch with superb acting from Naseeruddin Shah, Ravi Baswani, Pankaj Kapoor, Satish Shah, Neena Gupta etc., this movie is guaranteed to make you a fan!

11)Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

Andaz Apna Apna - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Andaz Apna Apna is the story of two men who only daydream. One dreams of becoming a famous Bollywood actor and other dreams of getting rich. When they hear of a rich heiress who is looking for a groom, they decide to win her love resulting is comic situations, confusion, danger and finally a happily-ever-after!

This movie released in 1994 and was not an immediate success. But over the years it has gained popularity and come to be considered a cult film. The story is expertly conceived and executed, the songs are melodious, the comedy expertly timed, the acting award-worthy and the dialogues both catchy and memorable.

Starring Salman Khan and Aamir Khan as the daydreamers and Karisma Kapoor and Raveena Tandon as the secretary and the heiress, the movie also saw Paresh Rawal in a double role and Shakti Kapoor as the villain called Crime Master Gogo. Shakti Kapoor's performance and his role became so famous that it is still remembered by the people whenever they think of his best performances.

If you haven't watched and fell in love with these characters then you have missed a lot!

12) Chachi 420 (1997)

Chachi 420  - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Kamal Hassan plays the role of a desperate father who is willing to do anything to be close to his daughter. He impersonates an old woman just so he can become the nanny for his daughter who lives with his estranged, rich wife.

This movie will especially appeal to kids. Kamal Hassan's makeup that renders him looking like an old woman became a rage when this movie released. Well-timed comical scenes and effortless acting make this one a must-watch.

13) Hera Pheri (2000)

Hera Pheri - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

A classic tale of misunderstanding and cross-connection, Hera Pheri became such a big hit at the box office that it shocked everyone. The crisp storyline, memorable acting and laugh-out-loud moments make this one a comedy that can be watched any number of times. Each time you watch this one, you'll enjoy it better than the last time!

One "wrong number" call gives three broke men a much-needed way to earn quick money but this quick money idea gets them in a lot of trouble with the police, dangerous criminals as well as disgruntled loved ones.

Get ready to have tears rolling down your cheeks because this is how much you will laugh while watching this movie.

14) Hungama (2003)

Hungama - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

With a horde of characters and multiple storylines running parallelly, one would think it would be confusing to understand the main story but it was this confusion that made Hungama a super-duper hit at the box office.

Full of witty punchlines, well-planned storylines, a cast of talented actors who deliver and a novel execution, this movie will have you laughing right from the start and even after the end!

15) Munna Bhai M.B.B.S (2003)

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S was a movie unlike any other ever made. It told the story of a 'Bhai' or crook who pretends to be a Doctor to his parents who live in another city but when his pretense is revealed and his sees that he has hurt his parents, he decides to become a real doctor so that his parents can be proud of him. The movie chronicles his adventures in the medical school where he sees so much injustice and bias and then comes up with his own cure to them much to the chagrin of the management! He is soon popular and loved not only by the patients but also by the Doctors.

The movie brought the Director, RajKumar Hirani, and Producer, Vidhu Vinod Chopra instant fame and was a super-duper hit, winning many awards including the National Award for the Best Hindi Feature Film in 2003. Sanjay Dutt played Munna Bhai and came to be recognized by his screen name everywhere, Arshad Warsi as Circuit, Munna Bhai's left-hand man gained so much popularity that his almost drowned acting career got a shoot with directors lining his door to sign him. Boman Irani also became immortalized in his character of Dr. Asthana, the Dean of the Medical School and also the man who had revealed Munna Bhai's true face to his parents and then humiliated them.

16) No Entry (2005)

No Entry - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

A faithful husband is pushed to his limits by his ever-suspicious wife and he falls in the lure of an easy life by his brother-in-law who is a womanizer. Caught in a web of lies and guilt-ridden, hilarity ensues when the other-woman comes calling.

Anil Kapoor shines in the role of a faithful, middle-class husband who is at his wit's end due to the overbearing and suspicious nature of his wife. You will laugh, commiserate and then see both sides of the husband-wife relationship in this witty, comical yet soulful comedy movie.

17) Golmaal: Fun Unlimited (2006)

Golmaal: Fun Unlimited - Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

A story of four friends who take refuge in a blind couple's house after running away from college, Golmaal: Fun Unlimited will tickle your ribs with the goofy pranks that the four friends pull on any and everyone. A solid plot that guarantees laughter and great camaraderie among the characters on-screen make this one a must-watch if you are looking for a movie that is light, funny and naughty but still a family movie.

18) Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006)

Khosla ka Ghosla- Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Khosla Ka Ghosla released in 2006 and though, made on a small budget was so successful that it again proved that an engaging story and genuine acting were the only things needed to make a movie successful!

The movie tells the story of a middle-class man who has saved money his whole life to buy his own land and build a house. But when he does buy it, it is usurped illegally by a prominent builder leaving this simple man helpless to do anything because the builder is not only rich and prominent but also very dangerous. Depressed and unhappy, he stays down but his son decides to exact revenge from this builder and hatches a plan to dupe him and give him a taste of his own medicine. He with his friends, prank this businessman and get the money his father spent on the land back.

This movie won the National Award for the Best Hindi Feature Film in 2006 and saw the award-worthy performances by Anupam Kher as the harassed and helpless middle class Indian working man and Boman Irani as the cunning and conniving businessman.

19) Dhamaal (2007)

Dhamaal- Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

A treasure hunt takes a comic turn in Dhamaal. A dying man tells four friends about his hidden treasure and when the four friends go about finding it, they face resistance and competition from a crooked cop, a gangster, and a disgruntled father, not to mention the race among themselves to get there first.

A thorough entertainer, Dhamaal is a must-watch for every comedy lover.

20) Bhool Bhulaiya (2007)

Bhool Bhulaiya- Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Based on the serious subject of mental illness, Bhool Bhulaiya is a comical horror/thriller that shows how many a time ghosts aren't dead but living. Full of talented actors, this one will have goosebumps erupting on your body one minute and then have you laughing loudly the next.

A definite must-watch, Bhool Bhulaiya is a winner and worthy of being on this list.

21) All the Best: Fun Begins (2009)

All the Best: Fun Begins- Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

What happens when you impersonate being married just so you can receive a hefty allowance and then your benefactor really comes visiting?

This is what happens in All the Best where confusion and comedy happens when the rich older brother unexpectedly comes calling and the unmarried younger brother has to impersonate to being married. Only this time, it picks the wrong woman to act as his wife!

Full of memorable acting, witty dialogues, and effortlessly comical scenarios, this one is a must-watch when you are feeling down and are in need of laughter filled entertainment.

22) Hindi Medium (2017)

Hindi Medium- Top Hindi Comedy Movies to watch on Njkinny's Blog

Showcasing the social divide between people knowing English to those who don't and the value given to English speakers everywhere, Hindi Medium is the story of parents who want their daughter to study in an English Medium school but are unable to get her admitted in one because they, themselves, aren't fluent in the language.

The trials and tribulations of such parents and the lengths to which they go to get their kids admitted to an English medium school is the backbone of this movie. Funny scenarios, top-notch acting and the important social message make this movie a must-watch for not only comedy lovers but for everyone.


The above are some of the memorable comedy movies that everyone must watch. Showing varying facets of life and people, they are all very Indian and very common but still extraordinary in their presentation and in the way they touch the viewers' hearts.

Have you watched these movies? What do you think of them? 

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