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Policies & Services

Services provided by NJKinny's Blog as a blogger and my policies connected with those services

  • 1. Book Reviews:-
1) I favor all kinds of books except BDSM/Bondage, Erotica, M/M, Gay, lesbian, controversial topic based books.

2) My review charges are $50 / 5000 INR for posting an unbiased, honest review on Njkinny's Blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and any other bookseller websites as requested by the author. These charges include basic promotion on all my social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

3) I take both eCopy and hard-copy of the books but hard copy is preferred.

4) I always try to review the books sent to me as early as possible but if you have a time frame do let me know and I'll definitely try my level best to give my honest opinion on the book in that time frame.

5) The reviews and views I express about the books are solely mine and absolutely honest.

6) If I receive a free copy of a book from a author/publisher then I mention that I received a free copy for review in my official review post on my blog.

7) To send me your books for reviewing mail me at contact@njkinnysblog.com only!

8) If you wish to send me a hard-copy of the book mail me on the above mail and I'll provide you my address.

9) I reserve the right to decline any review requests and am under no obligation to mandatorily review a book I received.

10) Please do not mail me if you expect only 4/5 star review of your book from me. I give only honest opinions.

In your email, please include: 

1) Give the mail the title "Book Review"

2) Title and author of the book you would like me to review.

3) A small teaser about your book.  Think the blurb on the back of a book.  PS: Don't give away the ending.

4) Any links you think I might find helpful.

5) Let me know if you would be open to a giveaway.  Your response will not affect my response or review.

6)  Is your book part of a series and if so, are the books interconnected?

7) Is there a HEA?

8) How long is the book?

Somethings you need to know:

1) Once you give a book to me to review, you also give me permission to give it away in a giveaway of my choice. I can't be held responsible on this account except if it is an ARC then I never share and give away the copies.

2) I DO NOT review books in the order I receive them. So if you have a time frame in mind do let me know else I read according to my mood and interest.
3)  I reserve the right to decline any review requests and am under no obligation to mandatorily review a book I received.

Note to Authors: I read every request I get and if I don't reply to you then it is not because of any disinterest. 

To send me your books for reviewing mail me at contact@njkinnysblog.com only!

If you are a reader and want to recommend a book to me then feel free to do so on my FB page.

Reviews Published

***Among the Top Reviewers on Goodreads, Amazon.com (in Top 10k), Amazon.in (in Top500)

  • 2. Product Reviews:-
I accept products based in India or ones that can be shipped here for review ranging from technology to beauty products. 
I charge a fees for my review services that vary from case-to-case.

The list of products I review includes but is not limited to is :-

  1. Beauty products
  2. Health products
  3. Baby products
  4. Smartphones and accessories
  5. Innovative products
  6. Camera accessories
  7. Appliances etc.

If you wish to have a product reviewed by me then drop me a mail at contact@njkinnysblog.com and include "Product Review" in the title.

  • 3. Sponsored Posts and/or Guest Posts

As per my policy, I follow the below steps when I accept sponsored posts/ sponsored guest posts

  • Take payment beforehand;
  • approve the headline (if writing the post myself);
  • blog post written;
  • changes made if requested by the client;
  • final copy approved;
  • blog post scheduled;
  • blog post published.
  • Shared on all my social media.

Steps followed by me for sponsored Guest Posts:

  • Take payment beforehand;
  • approve the post (it should conform to the basic family-friendly theme of my blog).
  • Changes made if any required.
  • final copy approved;
  • blog post scheduled;
  • blog post published.
  • Shared on all my social media.
Fill this form and then mail me at contact@njkinnysblog.com to get my rates for the sponsored guest post and for any queries.

  • 4. Promotional Services

I also offer book promotional services that can be tailored according to the author's needs. All promotions are done on Njkinny's Blog with cross promotion on all other social media.

The promotions are subject to payment and the duration of the task.

Contact me at contact@njkinnysblog.com for further information.

PS: Please DO NOT add my email to your mailing list without asking my permission beforehand. 

Much love...

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