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#ARCBookReview and #Giveaway: Mistletoe at Moonglow (Paige MacKenzie Mysteries #2.5) by Deborah Garner

Mistletoe at Moonglow

The Timberton Hotel has always provided a perfect Christmas retreat for regular guests, as well as newcomers. But the small town of Timberton, Montana, hasn't been the same since resident chef and artist, Mist, arrived, bringing a unique new age flavor to the old western town.

When guests check in for the holidays, they bring along worries, fears and broken hearts, unaware that Mist has a way of working magic in people's lives. Old-fashioned time spent together, exquisite food, conversation and a snowball or two offer guests a chance to trade sadness for hope. One thing is certain: no matter how cold winter's grip is on each guest, no one leaves Timberton without a warmer heart.

ARC Book Review:

Mistletoe at Moonglow is part of Paige Mackenzie Mysteries series by Deborah Garner and can be read as a standalone but still I would recommend that you read the previous books to get a better understanding of the characters' lives. While the author brings to us a standalone sequence of events in this book but still I felt like I didnt know the past and the future of the characters and this lack had me itching to stop and read the other books first.

The story is all about Christmas cheer. I enjoyed visiting Timberton Hotel and could feel the excitement of approaching Christmas with lots of good food, gossip and a comfortable stay. This is one hotel I want to visit in reality!

The characters are a varied group and it was interesting to follow them in their adventures. Deborah has expertly managed to make them real and I loved meeting them. The pace is maintained throughout and the book left me with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. I loved how it has recipes as well which I can't wait to try.

A lovely holiday read, I enjoyed reading Mistletoe at Moonglow and while this is an engaging, heartwarming book, I felt it could have been better with the author giving a brief about the past of the characters and a preview to their future.

All in all, Mistletoe at Moonglow is a book that will leave you feeling the Christmas magic. 4 out of 5 to it and recommended to all readers looking for a sweet, short holiday read.

I received an ARC for review and the above review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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"Christmas at the Timberton Hotel is special. The beauty and peace people find there is magic. Strangers come to escape their pain and find solace and strength. I loved this story. It gave me a sense of hope. The characters are amazing." 

"Deborah weaves a beautiful mosaic of Christmas sights, sounds and smells and introduces us to memorable characters. From the grieving widow to the five-year-old child who lost his brother to a reclusive scholar who only wants to sit in front of the fireplace and read, each are treated with genuine emotion and care which adds to this uplifting story."

 "Deborah did it again. What a great christmas story. I love christmas stories and this will be one that I will read year after year." 
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NEW RELEASE also available..

Silver Bells at Moonglow
Christmas at the Timberton Hotel arrives each year with a unique set of guests, some returning, some new. When this holiday brings a celebrity seeking reprieve, sisters who are distant yet closer to each other than they think, a widow approaching a new horizon, and an eclectic smattering of local townsfolk and visiting relatives, the season is certain to be eventful. Add in a hint of romance and there's more than snow in the air around the small Montana town.

Elegant decor and exquisite cuisine from resident artist and chef, Mist, form a backdrop to much needed camaraderie, bringing strangers and friends together. When the last note of Christmas carols has faded away, the soft whisper of silver bells from the front door's wreath will usher guests and townsfolk alike back into the world with hope for the coming year.

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About the author
Deborah Garner is an accomplished travel writer with a passion for back roads and secret hideaways. Born and raised in California, she studied in France before returning to the U.S. to attend UCLA. After stints in graduate school and teaching, she attempted to clone herself for decades by founding and running a dance and performing arts center, designing and manufacturing clothing and accessories, and tackling both spreadsheets and display racks for corporate retail management. Her passions include photography, hiking and animal rescue. She speaks five languages, some substantially better than others. She now divides her time between California and Wyoming, dragging one human and two canines along whenever possible.

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#ARCBookReview, #Giveaway: Seaside Whispers (Love in Bloom #31,Seaside Summers #8) by Melissa Foster

Voted Beck Valley Books Reviewers Favorite Mini Series from the Love in Bloom Series in 2014
Featuring a group of fun, sexy, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They're funny, flawed, and will have you begging to enter their circle of friends. 

Having a mad crush on her boss's son, Matt Lacroux--an intriguing mix of proper gentleman and flirtatious bad boy--is probably not the smartest idea for single mother Mira Savage. Especially when the company, and her job, is already on shaky ground. But as a Princeton professor, Matt's life is hours away from Mira's home on Cape Cod, keeping him safely in the fantasy-only zone. And as a single mother to six-year-old Hagen, with a floundering company to save, fantasies are all she has time for.

With hopes of becoming dean off the table, and too many months of longing for a woman who lived too far away to pursue, Matt's publishing contract couldn't have come at a better time. He heads home to Cape Cod on a brief sabbatical, intent on starting his book, and finally getting his arms around sweet, seductive Mira. 

A surprise encounter leads to white-hot passions and midnight confessions. The more time Matt and Mira spend together, the deeper their relationship grows, and the love and attention Matt showers on Hagen is more than she has ever dreamed of. But Matt's sabbatical is only temporary, and Mira's not saving his father's company so she can leave it behind. Will their whispers of love be enough for one of them to change their life forever?

SEASIDE WHISPERS is part of the SEASIDE SUMMERS series, and part of the "Love in Bloom" family. Each book may be read as a stand-alone novel, or as part of the series.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

ARC Book Review:

Seaside Whispers is part of Seaside summers series and also a part of "Love in Bloom" family. This is the first book that I have read in Seaside Summers series but despite this, the book can be easily read as a standalone. Characters from the previous books do make an appearance but they didn't interfere much and I didn't feel the need to read the previous books first to understand the story in this one.

In this book we meet Matt who is a college professor back home to write his book and Mira, a single mother who works at the hardware store run by Matt's father. Both are attracted towards each other but personal responsibilities are holding them back. Will they have a happily-ever-after?

I enjoyed visiting Matt and Mira and thoroughly enjoyed loved their story. The plot is simple but Melissa's execution creates magic to make this simple story into a memorable one. She has introduced just the right amount of humour, angst, emotional upheaval, passion and lots and lots of entertainment.

A lovely feel good romance, I finished it in one sitting and stayed engrossed throughout and look forward to reading the other books in this series.

All in all, Seaside Whispers by Melissa Foster is an entertaining romance with memorable characters, beautiful settings and an engaging story. 4 out of 5 stars to it and recommended to all adult lovers of romance.

I received an ARC for review and the above is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Read my Reviews of the other Love in Bloom books HERE

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"You can always rely on Melissa Foster to deliver a story that's fresh, emotional and entertaining. Make sure you have all night, because once you start you won't want to stop reading. Every book's a winner!" New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak .

"Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!" New York Times Bestseller Lauren Blakely

"With her wonderful characters and resonating emotions, Melissa Foster is a must-read author!" New York Times Bestseller Julie Kenner

 "Like Nora Roberts, Melissa Foster has captivated me with her fantastic, sexy, romantic stories." K. Winning

Also available in the Seaside Summers Series
Each book may be read as a stand-alone novel, or as part of the series.

About the author

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance (M/F, M/M, F/F), romantic suspense, thrillers, and historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented. Her books have been recommended by USA Today's book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the World Literary Café. When she's not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success.

Melissa has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Her interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping others see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Melissa is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes comments and emails from her readers. Visit Melissa on Facebook or her personal website.

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#BookReview: The Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes

Title and Author: The Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes 
No. of Pages: 415
Publication Date: October 28th 2014 by Penguin Books
Genre: Historical Romance, Chick Lit, Cultural Fiction
Language: English

Book Review:
The Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes is a story that is based on facts but is still a fictional account of four brides who are travelling aboard the HMS Victoria after WWII to meet the men they married and this story is the account of their adventures, their hopes, dreams and insecurities.

The book starts slow but still held my attention and forced me to seriously think about that trying time and the fate of war brides who left behind everything they were familiar with to brave the seas and travel to their unkown futures with nothing but their grit, determination and hope in their hearts.

All through reading the book, I kept thinking that I wanted to know more about that time and see what all was actual fact, Was HMS Victoria real? Were there real life accounts of war brides available who travelled on such ships to meet their husbands?

After reading the book, I went online to search and read all there was available on that time.

While the story is promising, I still feel that this isn't the best delivery by Jojo. The story lacks the crispness of her other books and the pace was very slow at times.
The dialogues got a bit confusing at times and I felt they could have been handled in a more concise way.

The characterization is good and I connected with the plight, difficulties and fears of the brides and stayed faithfully with the story till the end.

All in all, The Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes is a heartfelt account of women who braved it all in hopes of finding happiness after the WWII ended. I enjoyed reading the book but feel it could have been better narrated. 3 out of 5 to it and recommended to Jojo Moyes' fans and people who love reading Historical fiction.

I received the book from the publishers via Netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in  no way influenced.

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#BookBlitz and #Giveaway: Christmas on Crimson Mountain by Michelle Major

Celebrate the release of Christmas on Crimson Mountain by Michelle Major


Peace and quiet—that’s all Connor Pierce wanted from the rented cabin on Crimson Mountain. Yet the caretaker turned out to be lovely April Sanders—a total distraction. As were the two little girls she was caring for. Connor’s plan to forget his painful past soon detoured into giving the ladies a Christmas to remember. 

Being named guardian of two motherless girls has upended April’s world. Add to the mix a mysterious, brooding writer claiming he wanted to be left alone while going out of his way to bring a little joy to the girls, and she has quite the quandary. April had counted herself out of a happy ending. But maybe Santa still had a few surprises up his merry old sleeve…

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Excerpt from Christmas on Crimson Mountain:

“Thank you for taking care of me these past couple of days.”

She sniffed. “It’s my job.”

He acknowledged her words with a small nod, or maybe it was the bitterness creeping into her tone that he recognized. “How are Ranie and Shay?”

“Do you really care?”

“Yes.” He sighed. “Even though I don’t want to care. The other night...on the affected me. Hearing that scream when the car slid on the road and the headlights moving closer.” He paused and a shudder ran through him. “I’m sorry I disappeared, but I wasn’t fit company for anyone after that.”

“It’s fine.” She tried to hold on to her anger even as it slipped through her body like grains of sand through her fingers. She needed that anger. It was safer with this man. Safer for her heart. “You don’t owe me an explanation.”

“I want to give you one anyway.” His hold on her gentled and he rubbed his thumb over the sensitive flesh on the inside of her wrist. “I’ve missed you, April. I’ve spent the past three years alone, and suddenly I’m lonely without you. I stopped caring. I didn’t think I had it in me to care, and I’m still so turned around. Every little thing sets me off and I can’t stop it. But I also can’t stop wanting to be near you. It doesn’t make sense.”

She closed her eyes against the onslaught of emotions that poured through her at his words and the gentle pressure to her skin.

“Do you know,” he asked, shifting so close now that she could feel his breath against her hair, “that I listen for the door to close after you leave and rush down to the kitchen because your scent lingers after you’re gone?”

She huffed out a laugh that sounded breathless to her own ears. “Are you saying I smell?”

“Like lavender and vanilla. I’ve made an idiot of myself the past two days following traces of you around the house.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want you to know what you do to me, even if I should stay away. It’s better for both of us if I turn around and walk back to my bedroom until you’re gone.”

She waited a moment, but he didn’t move. “You’re not walking.”

“Hell if I can make myself go.”

“Don’t go,” she whispered. Slowly, as if she were gentling a stray animal, she lifted her hand. Her finger brushed the prickly strands of his dark beard, and his lips parted.

“I forgot to shave,” he muttered.

“Too busy?”

He took a breath, released it and then nodded. “Writing.”

“Connor,” April whispered. “That’s wonderful.”

He shrugged and looked away. “Who knows how long it will last. But the words are coming. So damn many, drowning me with their force. It’s like...”

She pressed her palm to his cheek, gratified when he leaned into it. “Like what?”

“Like it used to be.” He said the words softly, as if they were an apology. April could feel the tension in his body and wished, just for a moment, she could transfer his pain to herself. Give him a few seconds of remembering what it was like to live without the weight of guilt and sorrow bearing down on him.

“Look at me,” she said, moving closer to him, pressing into his warmth. His arms came around her waist, his hands splayed open against her back. She could feel their heat and strength through the thin cotton of her pajama shirt. So much talent flowed out of those hands. The worlds he created within his imagination and put on paper for readers to discover. “You have a gift, Connor Pierce.”

“It’s not—”

“Don’t say it. Whatever you’re thinking.” She brushed her lips over his. “Those words are in you. The stories you write are part of you.”

“How can they still be there when I’m dead inside, April? They were part of my life before, but now I’m—”

“You’re here,” she told him, and held her hand to his chest. His heartbeat was strong and sure under her palm. “With me. Now.”

“You make me feel things I’d thought I lost the capacity to feel. You make me want things—” His voice broke off as he drew in another deep breath. He leaned down until their foreheads touched. They stood that way for several long moments, her lips just grazing his. She breathed him in and it felt like she was pulling his essence into her lungs. Like he was part of her. A part she thought she’d lost after the illness and heartbreak that had changed who she was inside.

“I’m sorry I can’t be the man you deserve,” he whispered. “I’ll hurt you and girls. I hurt everyone—”

“Not now.” She pressed her mouth to the base of his neck, tasted the salt on his skin and wanted more. “This moment is ours.”

He claimed her mouth then, kissed her until the feel and taste of him was all she knew. Everything else burned away in the flame that was her need for him. He pulled her closer, if that was possible. Their tongues tangled and his hands skimmed under the shirt and up her spine, sending tingles as they moved. His kiss was demanding and consuming, and every inch of her body burned for him. For more.

His lips trailed over her jaw and he nipped at the sensitive flesh of her earlobe. “Will you stay?”

The simple question rocked her. How was it that such a longing could have been buried inside her and she’d never guessed? Even at her most in-love-and-alive, she’d never felt anything quite like the force of her desire for Connor. Still, she shook her head. “I have to go back in case the girls need me. If Shay wakes up...”

“I understand,” he said, pulling his hands from underneath her shirt.

No, her body screamed. Don’t let him go.

“Come with me,” she told him, lacing her fingers with his.

He stared at her, his eyes unreadable once more. She hated that he could slip behind his mask so easily. She wanted to break through until she saw every bit of him, good and bad. She wanted to know him and, in return, allow him access to all the secret places she kept hidden from the rest of the world.

About Michelle Major:

Michelle Major grew up in Ohio but dreamed of living in the mountains. Soon after graduating with a degree in Journalism, she pointed her car west and settled in Colorado. Her life and house are filled with one great husband, two beautiful kids, a few furry pets and several well-behaved reptiles. She’s grateful to have found her passion writing stories with happy endings. Michelle loves to hear from her readers at

Connect with Michelle: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon


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#FREEBook, #BookBlitz, $50 #Giveaway: From Gods by Mary Ting



From Gods by Mary Ting 
 ***2013 InD'Tale RONE Award Finalist for YA**** 

Did you just see a flash of lightning across the sky on a clear sunny day? Don’t blame Mother Nature. Skylar Rome can’t wait to spend her last summer before college with her cousin, Kayla. Everything changes when they meet the Grand brothers. Skylar is sure she should stay away from Mason Grand, but their attraction is undeniable. Then Skylar’s life erupts into turmoil. She steps into a world where descendants of ancient gods have super powers, evil beings chase her, and questions arise about her own identity. She is running out of time and running for her life, while trying to unravel the mystery of what they want from her. Forced into a battle set into motion long before she was born, will Skylar find the answers she seeks, or will she die trying?  

From Gods by Mary Ting is FREE from December 6th to 8th

Praise for the Series

“From Gods takes mythology to a whole new level of imagination with its incredible plot and amazing characters. It’s full of hotness that you never want to end!” Michele, Insane About Books 

 “From Gods by the AMAZING AUTHOR Mary Ting is OMGods good!! If you even LIKE Greek Mythology, set aside some time because you will DEVOUR Mary Ting’s Demi Gods and Vultures!!!” Mindy, Books Complete Me

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   Mary Ting
Author Mary Ting 
International Bestselling, Award-Winning, Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children's chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.
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*Also checkout Crossroads by Mary Ting

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#BookReview: Gabriel's Atonement (Land Rush Dreams #1) by Vickie McDonough

Title and Author: Gabriel's Atonement by Vickie McDonough 
No. of Pages: 320
Series: Land Rush Dreams #1
Publication Date: January 1st 2015 by Shiloh Run Press
Genre: Christian Romance, Historical Romance, Western Romance, Clean Romance
Language: English

Book Review: 

Gabriel's Atonement by Vickie McDonough attracted me because of the blurb which is interesting and arrests the reader's attention at once.

This is the story of Gabriel, a pro gambler with no regrets in his life until an incident changes his life forever and throws him in to throes of guilt; and Lara who has had a rough life and then to add more sorrow and hardship to her life, there happens an incident that forces her life to crumble again.

I sat glued and intrigued by the story right from the first page and felt a myriad of emotions all through the story. The characters are people who soon made a place in my heart and though not perfect, these are people who are realistic and though flawed are ready to redeem for their mistakes.

I loved Vickie's writing style and was thrown head first into a story that captured my interest as well as my heart. I cried, sighed, felt angry, hopeless and then thankful all in the span of one story.

The world building is splendid and the author took me to a time so different from the present time and had me feeling like I was right there, experiencing it all myself!

All in all, Gabriel's Atonement by Vickie McDonough is a heartfelt story that touched me and I absolutely loved reading it. 4.5 out of 5 to it and recommended to everyone. I enjoyed Vickie McDonough's writing style and look forward to reading more from her in the future.

I received the book from the publishers via Netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

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#BookReview: Petticoat Detective (Undercover Ladies #1) by Margaret Brownley

Title and Author: Petticoat Detective by Margaret Brownley
No. of Pages: 320
Series: Undercover Ladies #1
Publication Date: December 1st 2014 by Shiloh Run Press
Genre: Historical Romance, Christian Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Clean Romance
Language: English

Book Review:
Petticoat Detective by Margaret Brownley is the first book in the Undercover Ladies series and also the first I have read by the author.

I got attracted towards this book because of the blurb which is intriguing and had me imagining a story full of suspense, mystery and romance with a strong woman detective and I am so glad to say that I wasn't disappointed.

This is the story of Jennifer who is a Pinkerton Detective and currently undercover as as a lady companion named Amy at Miss Lillian’s Parlor House and Boots on the trail of the notorious Gunnysack Bandit but a murder at Miss Lillian's adds another mystery for her to solve with many suspects, one of which is Tom Colton, a former Texas Ranger determined to clear his brother’s name. Wrong for her in all senses, Jennifer cant help suspecting Tom. But is he the real murderer?

I enjoyed the story right from the start and could not help but like Jennifer who is not only a strong character but also a very good detective. She has made a place for herself in a man's world and I enjoyed following her on her adventures as she solved the clues to the mysteries. 

Tom is also a likable character and his dedication towards solving his brother's murder had me admiring him. The romance between him and Jennifer builds slowly and is intense. So suited for each other, I rooted for a happily-ever-after for them.

Margaret's writing style is engaging and she had me visualizing her story world as vividly as if I was there myself. The story is crisp and fast paced and had me speculating the solution to the mystery till the very end.

There are also doses of comedy and laughter expertly thrown in which made this book a complete package with a good story, a challenging mystery, realistic characters and full entertainment guaranteed,

All in all, Petticoat Detective by Margaret Brownley had me entertained throughout. 4 out of 5 to it and recommended to everyone. I will be checking out the other books by the author and look forward to reading more from her in the future.

I received the book from the publishers via Netgalley and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in  no way influenced.

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