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#BookReview It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande

It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande -Book Review NWoBS Blog

Title and Author: It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande

No. of Pages: 272

Publication Date: August 20th 2016 by Hachette India

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Rom com, Indian Writing, Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit, Women's fiction

Book Review:

It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande is the story of the funny and yet totally relatable daily struggles of a common Indian girl, Amruta who is a book lover cum marketing executive for a Publishing house in Delhi. With a demanding boss, quirky but loyal friends, overbearing and yet caring relatives and a new assignment as the publicist for a cheesy romance writer, Ruta's life is complicated to say the least. Add being struck by the love arrow to this chaotic mix, this story tickles and connects with the readers.
After all what can you do when the love arrow strikes you, even when it is with someone so different from you!

This review has taken almost two years to get written not because this book is boring but because Njkinny loved it so much she kept returning to it again and again!

The cover is so beautiful!
I got attracted towards this book because of the cover that has a girl reading a book with beautiful cartoon depictions that will relate to all book lovers. Add the quirky, unusual title to this alluring cover and I just had to stop to checkout this book.

The blurb is interesting and gives a teasing sneak peak that will intrigue and captivate readers.

Full of comic moments that are so ordinary in their every day occurrence in almost all of our lives that everyone will relate to them, the author has expertly observed, collected and then beautifully woven these mundane occurrences that we don't even notice to make this book a must buy.

The character development is also very admirably done and I loved almost all the people in this book, all the while wishing they were real so I could meet them!

The plot is simple and you will guess the upcoming developments as the story progresses but still the narration outshines this predictability and I stayed engrossed in the book, all the while laughing, chuckling, loyally nodding my head at scenes that felt as if they were taken out of my own life and enjoying each second spent reading the book.

The only other thing that I felt should be included in this book is a glossary for the Hindi words used.

Kudos to the author. Nikita, you are my namesake and have really given me goals as an aspiring writer. I hope to read lots more from you in the future and wish you the very best.

All in all, It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande is a beautifully written rom com that connects, endears and entertains throughout. A book that will make you return to it again and again whenever you are feeling down, I give it 5 super shiny stars out of 5 and Njkinny recommends it to everyone looking for a light, funny, entertaining story that is believable and unique unlike the mushy, over-the-top love stories in the market.

Book Review It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande -NWoBS Blog

I received the book from the author and the publishers, Hachette India for review and I am very thankful to them. The above is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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#BookReview: Still Not Over You (Geeks of Caltech #1) by Aarti V Raman

Book Review: Still Not Over You (Geeks of Caltech #1) by Aarti V Raman- NWoBS Blog

Book Review:

Let me start by saying that I enjoy Aarti V Raman's writing style and thoroughly loved reading Kingdom Come. So when I heard of her latest release and that too first in a new series, I knew I had to grab it.

Covers play an important role in my decision of reading a particular book first and so I was a bit disappointed by the cover of this book. In my humble opinion, it doesn't do justice to the engrossing and well done story inside one bit.

The blurb is interesting and will definitely intrigue readers to stop and pick this book up to read. While the blurb is written in alternating first person POV, the book is in third person.

I enjoyed the overall experience of reading Still Not Over You. The narrative is fluid, engaging and realistic enough with imperfect characters trying to make the best of situations. The world building and character development is the highlight of this book.

The emotional balance is perfectly done with just the right amount of angst, romance, lust, familial loyalty and responsibility and the justification imparted for each sacrificial act of the protagonists.

Even if you don't agree with the protagonists' actions, you will feel connected with them which is admirable in itself. I didn't care for Zara one bit but still rooted for a HEA for her!
So yeah Aarti, kudos to you!

A breezy read with plenty of intense chemistry between the protagonists, Still Not Over You by Aarti V Raman promises an engrossing Indian romance that will keep you hooked and then leave you eager to read the subsequent stories of the sub characters introduced in this book.

Njkinny recommends Still Not Over You by Aarti V Raman to all romance lovers over the age of eighteen. 4 stars out of 5 to it and I look forward to reading the subsequent books in this series and meeting the other Geeks of Caltech.

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How to keep your kids safe Online

How to keep your kids safe Online-NWoBS Blog

The internet is an excellent resource for children and can make learning much more accessible than trawling through books. 
As a leisure activity, they can also have more than enough to keep them occupied. It is unfortunate children can become threatened from many areas, so parents need to find the best ways to make sure their loved ones are protected and exposure to any online threats are minimized.
Here are areas where children often frequent and how best to reduce any threat.

  • YouTube and Adult Content

With a wrong search or content that is wrongly described can present inappropriate material to children. Although it is not the be-all and end-all of the security, YouTube does have a restricted mode which can be activated and will prevent this mature content from showing up in search results.

  • Social Media and What to Do

Either chatting with friends or scrolling through content which has been posted. Social media is one of the most popular area children visit. 
Here, children can be prone to cyberbullying and online predators who have created fake accounts and portray themselves as someone of the same age as your child. Although there are certain things you can enable or disable, it isn’t possible to block these threats unless you are aware of them. 
Net Nanny is one of the global leaders in Parental control software available. It can save lots of time locking down specific areas that parents who are unsure might miss.

Some Net Nanny Features:

  • Parental Controls
  • Internet Filter
  • Pornography Blocking
  • Time Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Alert Reporting
This is one of the few software packages which can view inside social media platforms and send alerts when something appears not right. It also allows parents a full view of who is attempting to make personal contact with their children.

  • Securing Your Connection

A connection that is unsecured leaves children exposed. Online predators or hackers can take time to work their way into a child’s system or device. One way to prevent this in one simple go is by using the best VPN software. This has many advantages over all other forms of prevention. When using a VPN, your child’s connection from your ISP to any user who is attempting to locate them will not be visible. 
This is without a doubt the quickest and easiest way possible. Many of these providers have applications for all devices.
 If your child uses an Android or iPhone, they can be protected as if they were sat at home under a parent's watchful eye. Public hotspots are no longer the threat they were, and your child’s location is very much safeguarded.

  • Browsers and Extensions

The more prominent web browsers now feature safe browsing or incognito mode. You can also have child-friendly browsers which have built-in blocking. Aside from these, there are many browser extensions available which can prevent adverts, website tracking and many other forms of online threat. Although they are not a solution to the problem, they are an aid and will only get better over time.

  • Malware

When you look at all the above, there is one method which in a way can be a solution. A good VPN can negate many threats and can work alone. All the other methods still leave vulnerabilities, especially when malware is concerned. 
This in most ways, is installed when an unsuspecting user clicks on something or installs software. This runs in the background without many users knowing. More new Antivirus packages prevent malicious code from running or even being installed.


To make sure your kids are safe online can take quite a bit of effort. There is not one method which covers all areas and makes them fully secure. It is advisable to consider a VPN first and back it up with the above options. 
An up to date Antivirus package is a necessity, and depending on the age of your child, Parental control software can take care of many other threats.
One final area which can go a long way in making sure your children are safe is their education. If they are old enough to know how to use the technology, they are at an age where they can be told of the threats they face.
Parents should sit down with their children and explain the dangers, especially when using social media. Online predators are well known for pretending to be kids themselves to make their approach. Children should refrain from posting too much sensitive information regarding where they live or contact numbers. 
When it comes to location, the wise choice of using a VPN service will make sure these predators have no idea where your children are situated.

Author Bio: 
Barry Evans is security and privacy expert with over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry.

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#BookReview and #Giveaway: My Sister's Intended (Serendipity #1) by Rachael Anderson

#BookReview and #Giveaway: My Sister's Intended (Serendipity #1) by Rachael Anderson

My Sister’s Intended by Rachael Anderson
For as long as Prudence can remember, it has been understood that her sister will one day wed the eldest son of their nearest neighbor. Such an alliance will benefit both families and bring a great deal of joy to all parents involved.
Unfortunately, Prudence has never been able to feel as joyful. She believes her sister is mad to consider marrying a man she hardly knows, even if he will one day make her a countess. Titles and wealth shouldn’t factor into matters of the heart, and as an aspiring romance novelist, Prudence cannot fathom how anyone could even think of settling for less than love. She certainly wouldn’t, and she doesn’t want her sister to either.
Unable to stand by and do nothing, Prudence sets out to help the awkward couple discover the best in each other with the hope that they will eventually find love. What she neglected to foresee, however, was the possibility that she might fall in love with Lord Knave herself.

 ARC Book Review:

Let me start my saying that I got seriously hooked on this book right from the first glance. Everything in this story is so beautiful and done so perfectly. The cover is stunning, the blurb intriguing and the story flow expertly done.
I loved each second spent reading this book and loved all the characters in the book. Prudence is headstrong and loyal to a fault to people she loves. Brand is everything I want in a perfect hero. He is dutiful, strong and pleasantly imperfect with a heart of gold.
I enjoyed the chemistry between these two and it has been sometime since I loved a book couple as much as I loved this one. Each scene is memorable and had me sitting spellbound throughout the book.
The author shows her writing prowess in her character development where she justifies the actions of even the seemingly villainous characters thereby making them seem real with their imperfect natures. 
The suspense and well placed twists and turns made this story a very memorable one for me and I know I will be returning to re-read this book many times in the future.
Eager to know what happens to the many supporting characters in this book, I know I will be keeping a lookout for the successive books in the Serendipity series by Rachael Anderson.
All in all, My Sister's Intended by Rachael Anderson is a through and through entertainer with a clean, wholesome romance suited to all age groups, a well crafted story with equal measure of each emotion and characters that will soon make a place in your heart. 5 super shiny stars to My Sister's Intended by Rachael Anderson, Njkinny recommends this book to everyone.

5 stars to My Sister's Intended by Rachael Anderson-NWoBS Blog

I received the book for review and the above is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Buy From:


When Prudence lifted her eyes to his again, they sparkled with a challenge. “I was going to save this question until later so as not to shock you from the get-go, but I really do need to know . . . What does it feel like to kiss a woman?”
A large lump formed in Brand’s throat, and his mouth went dry. What the deuce? She had promised not to ask questions that would make him uncomfortable, but already he wanted to flee like a frightened kitten. How could he possibly explain how it felt to kiss a woman?
Brand searched his mind for a way to avoid answering until he heard a snicker escape her lips. She was laughing at him. Him! Hildebrand Ethan Cannon, Viscount Knave—a man at least eight years her senior and a great deal higher in social standing.
 “You are teasing me,” he said, hoping it was true. If she’d posed the question to make him squirm—and perhaps make him more inclined to answer her other questions—then she wouldn’t be expecting an answer.
She shook her head, still smiling. “I’m afraid not, my lord, although I did find the look of terror on your face vastly amusing.”
“I’m glad I could entertain you.”
“I hope you will be equally glad to instruct me on a few things as well. The first scene in my book will include a kiss, and I have no idea how to describe the experience. Do a woman’s lips feel warm or soft or even moist? Would your pulse quicken? Aside from touch, what other senses are engaged? How would it make you feel and what would you notice when you held a woman in your arms?”
If she thought he’d appeared terror-stricken before, there would be no word for how he looked now. Did she earnestly expect him to answer such questions? Surely even she knew how inappropriate it would be to discuss such things, her being an innocent.
“I cannot say,” he finally muttered.
Her brow puckered in confusion. “Have you never kissed a woman, my lord?”
Brand was sorely tempted to lie and say he had not, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Any man of six-and-twenty who had never experienced a kiss would be laughed out of his manhood. Women were expected to remain innocent until married. Men were not.
“Yes, I have kissed a woman,” he finally admitted, “but I have no intention of discussing any of the details with you.”
“Why not?” she asked, her large brown eyes blinking at him curiously. “Would you rather I invent the information?”
She obviously didn’t appreciate his retort because she scowled. “Can you not tell me at least a little?”
“Because a kiss could never be described with any sort of accuracy, at least not by me. It involves too many feelings and sensations and complexities of thought. If you wish to know what a kiss feels like, you’ll have to experience it for yourself.”
Too late, Brand realized his mistake. Her expression became contemplative, as though she was actually considering doing just that. Good gads, had he really just encouraged an innocent young woman to go hunting for a kiss? Who would she ask? A groom? Stablehand? The next peddler that came to town?
“I think you are right,” she said at last. “I really must experience a kiss for myself if I am to describe it with any sort of accuracy.” She blinked up at him with that innocent expression again. “Will you kiss me Lord Knave? No, how silly of me. You are to marry my sister, so that would never do.” She pursed her lips for a moment before musing, “Perhaps one of the footmen would be kind enough to show me how it’s done.”
Kind enough? Brand could think of a great many reasons a footman would comply with such a request, and kindness did not factor into any of them. Brand would kiss her himself before he allowed a footman near her.
He rubbed the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache coming on. “Perhaps I can try to explain what it feels like after all.” Better that than having her chase after a footman.
“But you only just said you couldn’t do it justice,” she pointed out. “I realize I sound dreadfully forward, but I really must know, and experience is the best teacher, is it not?”
“No, it isn’t,” he lied. “And you are not going to kiss a footman.”
“Then who? Felix or Lionel, perhaps? I’m fairly certain I can convince one of them to do it, if given the opportunity. The question is how to go about it?”
It was plain to see by the firm set of her jaw that she would not rest until she had experienced a kiss of her own. She didn’t seem to care who did the deed, only that the man did a thorough job of it. A quick peck on the lips wouldn’t satisfy her curiosities.
“Perhaps I could send a note to Felix and ask him to call on me,” she continued to muse. “We could take a stroll through the maze in the gardens. There is a hidden alcove on the south side, which could be quite perfect. We would have to evade Ruth, obviously, but—”
“Devil take it,” Brand growled as he pulled her to him. Her quick intake of breath was the only sound she made before his mouth covered hers. 

Author Rachael Anderson

A USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can’t sing, doesn’t dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.

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Remedies to get rid of dry, itchy scalp and dandruff

Scratching your scalp continuously and avoiding wearing dark colours because you are afraid of dandruff flakes showing up on your dress can make you feel quite embarrassing in public. 
Dandruff is usually result of dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis and yeast cells called Malassezia. There are number of commercially available solutions with zinc, ketoconazole, selenium sulfide and salicylic acid which claim to kill bacteria and clean dandruff. But these chemical based solutions may cause other scalp or skin conditions. Therefore, it is batter to adopt decade’s old method to treat it at home without experiencing any side-effects. 

Remedies to get rid of dry, itchy scalp and dandruff- NWoBS Blog

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is extracted from Myrtle Tree present at coastal areas of Australia. The oil is used in cleaning products, skin care products and for treating viral infections because it has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties in abundance. Therefore, if the dandruff is caused due to fungal infection it can be treated by using tea tree oil. Mix a few drops of tea tree essential oil with olive oil or coconut oil and massage your scalp twice a week. Tea tree oil also helps to unclog the pores that regulate production on natural oils in scalp.

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Apple Cider Vinegar: 

Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and is known as natural astringent. Basically, astringents are used in medications to reduce inflammation. Applying apple cider vinegar helps to remove any microbes present on your scalp that can aid in development of dandruff. AVC also changes pH of scalp which limits the growth of fungus and yeast cells. Remember to use Apple Cider Vinegar by diluting it with equal amount of water. Dip a water cotton swab in it and apply the mixture on the roots and rinse after 10 minutes. You can repeat doing this twice a week. 

Buy from: Amazon | Flipkart

Coconut Oil:

Remedies to get rid of dry, itchy scalp and dandruff- Coconut oil- NWoBS Blog

Coconut oil is yet another oil with anti-microbial properties and helps in avoiding and treating dandruff. Coconut oil contains fatty acid chains such as Lauric acid and Capric acid which act as strong anti-fungal. In addition to this, applying coconut oil moisturizes your scalp and keeps it hydrated. It also creates a barrier between scalp and bacteria that keeps your scalp healthy. Coconut oil is a miracle home remedy that can also help to treat sunburn or stretch marks.


Remedies to get rid of dry, itchy scalp and dandruff- Lemon - NWoBS Blog

Dandruff relief is no farther than your kitchen. Lemon juice is an effective ingredient that can be used to treat dandruff. Similar to Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice also works as an astringent and regulates pH of your scalp which helps to kill bacteria and limits their growth. Lemon juice also helps to soften the skin and accumulates dead skin therefore; Lemon juice can be used for dead skin treatment.

Yogurt and Egg Mask:

Yogurt acts as a prebiotic as it contains active bacteria that helps to kill other harmful bacteria. In addition to this, it helps to exfoliate dry skin of the scalp and moisturizes it. On the other hand egg nourishes your hairs with protein present in it.

Hope the above provided information will help you to get rid of dandruff naturally. Have a happy hair day!


Author Bio:

Jane Scott is currently working as a nutritionist at a renowned firm. With an experience of more than a decade, she is considered as a go-to person in her field of work. She also writes blogs for her website Home Remedies for Life.

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Happily Unmarried Face Wash Dry to Normal Skin, 100ml Review

I recently bought Happily Unmarried Face Wash and after using it for over two weeks, I am very happy with the results.

Here is my review of Happily Unmarried Face Wash Dry to Normal Skin.

Happily Unmarried Face Wash Dry to Normal Skin, 100ml Review -NWoBS Blog

Things Njkinny loved about this product:

1) I loved the quirky quote on the face wash tube that says "If Only My Man Was As Good As This Face Wash." Typical Happily Unmarried, the packing is unique and makes this face wash a great gifting option.

2) Happily Unmarried is a trusted brand and again my initial decision to buy this product was based on this being a branded product.

3) This face wash is harmful chemical free. It contains no Parabens and SLS that are harmful for the skin.

4) Happily Unmarried Face Wash contains skin friendly natural ingredients like Spirulina extract that is helpful in skin rejuvenation and maintaining a healthy skin tone.

5) I loved the citrusy fragrance of this face wash which is neither too subtle nor too intense. It is just right and soothes the senses.

Happily Unmarried Face Wash Dry to Normal Skin, 100ml Review -NWoBS Blog
A transparent face wash, I love its citrusy fragrance.

6) The face wash easily lathers and only a small quantity is required to clean the face.

7) The dirt and dead skin is easily removed. The face feels clean and fresh after each wash.

8) The skin feels soft, supple and even toned. I have seen an improvement in the clarity, vibrancy and tone of my skin ever since I have started using this face wash.

9) The face wash comes in a travel friendly tube which is leak proof and can be easily carried around.

Things Njkinny feels need improvement in this product:

1) This face wash is priced slightly on the higher side but since only a very small quantity of face wash is required, the tube lasts long which makes the price okay.

2) The moisturising aspect of this face wash needs improvement. I felt my skin dry a bit at places and I have normal skin.


All in all, I am very happy with Happily Unmarried Face Wash Dry to Normal Skin and Njkinny recommends it to people looking for an effective and great smelling, chemical free, natural face wash.
I only have complain with the moisturising part but otherwise this is a great product and a great gifting option.

Buy From: | Flipkart

Buy for Oily Skin | Flipkart

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Happily Unmarried Body Mist Soul Chutney, 200 ml Review

Happily Unmarried Face Wash Dry to Normal Skin, 100g Review

Happily Unmarried Body Mist Soul Chutney, 200 ml Review

With so many chemicals swirling in the deodorants and perfumes flooded in the market, I have been trying natural, chemical free body mists from various brands and in this quest, I came to know about Happily Unmarried's Body Mist Soul Chutney.

Happily Unmarried Body Mist Soul Chutney, 200 ml Review- NWoBS Blog

With a non-traditional name and a very trademark packaging with quirky and funny quotes all over the bottle and outer cover, Soul Chutney is a memorable product from Happily Unmarried and definitely "my type"- great smelling and long lasting.

Happily Unmarried Body Mist Soul Chutney, 200 ml Review-NWoBS Blog
Funny quotes can be found everywhere in Happily Unmarried products

Happily Unmarried Body Mist Soul Chutney, 200 ml Review-NWoBS Blog

It is harmful chemical free body mist with hydrogenated castor oil and a pleasant floral fragrance that doesn't irritate but gently lingers on the skin and leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed for long hours.

Happily Unmarried Body Mist Soul Chutney, 200 ml Review-NWoBS Blog

The spray bottle is plastic which makes it easy to carry around in your hand bag and re-apply as many times as you want.

The shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture is a plus and the price of 499 INR for 200 ml is pocket friendly as compared to the other body mists in the market.

I have been using this product for over two weeks and have no complains thus far.

I am absolutely loving this body mist from Happily Unmarried and Njkinny recommends it to everyone.

A great gifting option, this is a must buy product if you are looking for pleasing perfume without any harmful chemicals.

Buy From: | Flipkart | Flipkart

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Happily Unmarried Face Wash Dry to Normal Skin, 100g Review

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