#ARCBookReview and #Giveaway: In My Skin (The Obsidian Files #3) by Shannon McKenna

NYTimes and USA Today bestselling author Shannon McKenna releases the third, standalone installment of The Obsidian Files! IN MY SKIN, features Luke, a renegade supersoldier with blocked memories that only the fiery beauty Dani can help him restore. Fans of JUST ONE TOUCH by Maya Banks, JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood and Cynthia Eden’s Lazarus Rising Series will devour this thrilling tale of deadly danger and burning desire.

Book Review, Excerpt and Giveaway: In My Skin (The Obsidian Files #3) by Shannon McKenna -NWoBS Blog

Title: In My Skin
Author: Shannon McKenna
Release Date: June 19, 2018
Publisher: Self-published
Series: The Obsidian Files #3
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Format: Print & Digital

Come back to me …

Luke remembers a few things. Just not his last name, or anyone he ever knew. He knows that he’s a supersoldier, genetically enhanced and loaded up with brain implants. He just escaped from a year-long hell of captivity, and to protect his family and friends from his tormentors, he blocked his memories. Now he needs those memories back, fast … or he and those he loves will die agonizing deaths.

Luke’s dangerous plan to reconnect with his past—and stay alive in the present—has drawn his enemies’ attention to the tough and sexy Dani LaSalle. He’s duty bound to protect the luscious beauty from the evil pursuing them, but he can’t control the scorching desire she awakens in him.

Dani’s strict routine has been trashed by Luke’s explosive arrival. This rock-hard slab of valiant, smoldering manhood appears out of nowhere, saves her life, spirits her away to his mountain lair and bewilders her with tales of sadistic researchers, enhanced assassins. Is this gorgeous, problematic sex god just plain crazy—or is she? But Luke can do things with his mind that are just as wild as what he can do with that body … and she can’t say no.

And there’s no time to wonder. As their passion burns hotter, Obsidian moves closer ... and Luke and Dani must place their lives and their hearts on the line just to survive …

ARC Book Review:

I really enjoyed Shannon McKenna's third book in The Obsidian Files series, In My Skin and just like the previous two books, this one too started strong and kept me engaged throughout.

A perfect mix of thriller, mystery, high octane romance and strong characters, I was intrigued, pulled in the story and kept glued to my seat until the very end.

A hero who doesn't remember his life and a heroine who is headstrong and almost sure that the hero with his weird tales of experiments, supersoldiers, and assassins is mad, I loved the protagonists and am so looking forward to the next book in this supercharged, must-read series.

4.5 stars out of 5 to In My Skin by Shannon McKenna and Njkinny recommends this book and series to all romantic suspense lovers above the age of eighteen.

4 stars rating

I received the book for review and the above is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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IN MY SKIN Excerpt

Copyright © 2018 Shannon McKenna

The room had one queen-sized bed. If he was lying next to her on it, no way was she leaving that guy alone. Not even after violent trauma and the wound still throbbing painfully in her thigh. Crazy, but so what. She was alive and kicking and in one piece, thanks to him. 
She wanted to feel something good and true and excellent. Luke fit the bill.
Bye-bye, cartoon kittens. They could wait for a Netflix and popcorn and sex-with-socks-on night. She was going with the hot red stretch lace. Just as she was. Unretouched. 
And in the mood for some intense sexual healing. 
Dani wriggled into the outfit. Hoisted her boobs up for maximum lift. Hiked the panties up extra high. She pushed the door open, stepped out and struck a pose. 
For nothing. Luke was in a digital trance. One hand manipulated a tablet, the other was tapping madly over the laptop’s keyboard. He’d looped his devices into a chain and his brain was the connector. No attention to spare for sexy lingerie.
But she wasn’t giving up. By no means. “How’s it going?”
“So far so good,” he said. “I’ve pinpointed the location of the second shipment, and the combination for retrieving it. All the backup equipment needed to activate the slave soldier and make it function. Coordinates for the pickup of the wetware are included.”
She tugged at the lacy shoulder strap, adjusting it. Luke still hadn’t noticed what she was wearing. “What the hell is wetware?”
“It’s a Manticore term. It refers to the slave soldier. He could be dormant, possibly suspended in fluid. There’s a file on him. I89VY262. I haven’t gone through that one yet. C drive on the laptop, if you’re interested.”
“I am interested,” she said. “But later.”
“The equipment is in a self-storage unit at an E-Z-U-Store in Serrati Flats, California,” he said. “About a hundred and fifty miles north of here.”
“I suppose you want to get going right away?” 
“No, we’ll wait.” 
She was startled. “Why? Aren’t we in a hurry?”
“You went through hell today. You need a decent night’s sleep. In a real bed.”
Well, bless his heart. How sweet. The bed part he’d gotten right.
She walked toward him slowly. Swaying her hips. Still nothing. He was locked and loaded in data processing mode. His eyes reflected squares of blue from the screen. A stream of files rolled constantly down it. Like she was peering directly into the data churn in his brain. 
He was about to get forcibly reminded that he was not a robot. 
She stepped between him and the desk and sat down on his lap. 
Luke went rigid. “Holy fuck, Dani.”
She leaned in so her tits were right below the level of his nose. Nipples on red alert from being so close to him. She put her arms around his neck, running her fingers slowly through his hair. Inhaling his hot male scent. “I like the red outfit the best,” she said, her voice low and husky. “Do you?”’

About Shannon McKenna:

Shannon McKenna is the NYT bestselling author of seventeen action packed, turbocharged romantic thrillers, among which are the stories of the wildly popular McCloud series and the brand new romantic suspense series, The Obsidian Files. She loves tough and heroic alpha males, heroines with the brains and guts to match them, villains who challenge them to their utmost, adventure, scorching sensuality, and most of all, the redemptive power of true love. Since she was small she has loved abandoning herself to the magic of a good book, and her fond childhood fantasy was that writing would be just like that, but with the added benefit of being able to take credit for the story at the end. Alas, the alchemy of writing turned out to be messier than she'd ever dreamed. But what the hell, she loves it anyway, and hopes that readers enjoy the results of her alchemical experiments. She loves to hear from her readers. 

Follow:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads | Reader Group | Newsletter | Amazon 

Book Review, Excerpt and Giveaway: In My Skin (The Obsidian Files #3) by Shannon McKenna -NWoBS Blog

Meant for Each Other by Delaney Cameron #UnforgettableLove

Meant for Each Other by Delaney Cameron #UnforgettableLove

Meant for Each Other by Delaney Cameron #UnforgettableLove

Meant for Each Other by Delaney Cameron
Kirsten is thrilled to return to the place where she spent so many summers as a child. Here she can forget the episode that nearly ruined her last year of college. Was it unreasonable to suppose that this far from the scene of her crime she would be safe from meeting the man who knew all about her worst moment?
After six months of nonstop traveling, Trey is happy to trade living on the road for the peace and quiet of Tybee Island. In such surroundings, he should be able to work undisturbed. These plans are interrupted by the appearance of a former student. Running into Kirsten is a disturbance of the worst kind: a reminder of an encounter he hasn’t been able to forget.
Author’s note: This is a revised and expanded version of a novella published years ago under a different title and pen name. It takes place before the events of Dream of Me.

 Meant for each other by Delaney Cameron buy for free


I absolutely loved Kirsten and Trey and their pathway of romance. Their story was very unusual and felt pure and thoughtful,and filled with an underlying depth that could be felt. This is one of those books that I’ll read again.
Trey and Kirsten are individually so well written. The reader fully feels all of Kirsten’s emotional upheaval, humiliation, confusion, joy, adoration, and sadness right along with her as she tries to work out how to conduct herself and still falls deeper for Trey. We respect Trey for his desire to protect Kirsten’s feelings while maintaining distance, and when he begins to sort out his own mind and feelings, we feel that, too. Delaney Cameron is great with tension and developing both the characters and storyline in a well paced progression.
This beautiful story is much, much more than meets the eye. Yes, it is a complicated, modern romance where misunderstanding and pain twist into the relationships and solutions don’t seem possible. Yes, there are 2 men in Kirsten’s life who have different agendas and different styles. Yes, the characters come alive and become your friends as you learn of their inner feelings and deepest desires. Yes, the scenery is deliciously divine—the beach scenes sweep you away to a gorgeous southern island where you want to stay forever and not come back. Yes, the dialogue is real but masterful and often I found myself catching my breath as precious feelings were shared. Yes, it was wonderfully clean. Yes, this book is well-written with a solid storyline but what I discovered within its pages was so much more. This tells the story of true love, pure love, and never-giving-up love, as well as unselfish love and your-needs-are-more-important-than-mine love. The author writes a brilliant journey of true love like I have never read before. Beautiful and soul-searching. Exquisite masterpiece.

Author Delaney Cameron
Delaney Cameron

I’m a Georgia girl at heart if not by birth. I love to read, watch college football, and spend time with my husband. I’m a hopeless romantic so there will always be a happily ever after in my stories. I also like to write about second chances because love doesn’t always work out the first time.
My books are sweet romances set in both contemporary and regency settings featuring stories about the journey to love, from that first meeting to the point where two people know their hearts are no longer their own. My characters aren’t perfect. They make mistakes and have faults like the rest of us. They learn the sometimes painful truth that the path to love isn’t always smooth, but it’s a road worth traveling.


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Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer -NWoBS Blog

What is body heat?

Body heat happens when our body temperatures go beyond the normal temperature range of 36.5–37.5 degrees Celsius and it is unable to cool down. 

What are the symptoms of body heat?

Some common symptoms of body heat that can help you identify this problem are:

1) Burning sensation in the eyes.

2) Indigestion, gas or loose motion.

3) Sleeplessness.

4) Fever like heated skin.

5) Discomfort and uneasiness.

6) Rapid heart rate.

7) Parched throat.

8) Ulcers.

9) Nosebleed.

10) Lethargy

How to reduce body heat?

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer

With the temperatures rapidly spiking during summer, it is essential to keep our body cool and safe. Here are a few simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool.

1) Stay hydrated. 

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer -NWoBS Blog

Drink lots of water ideally 3-4 litres of cool water to stay hydrated and cool. For optimal and healthy gradual cooling of the body, use water stored in earthen vessels (ghada or surayi) instead of refrigerated water.

Include freshly squeezed juices like lemon juice, watermelon juice, orange juice etc.

Sattu (roasted and ground grain) is also an excellent cooling and high in fiber food option. It can used as a drink or as stuffing in parathas (flat breads).

[Read : Healthy Zero oil Sattu Paratha Recipe and Health benefits of Sattu ]

2) Include dairy in your diet.

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer -NWoBS Blog

Dairy products like curd, chanch (buttermilk), lassi, cool milk and milkshakes also help in reducing body heat.

3) Eat lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer- NWoBS Blog

Seasonal fruits and vegetables like pomegranate, watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, kakdi, bitter gourd, pumpkin, lemon, apricot, banana etc. also have a cooling effect on the stomach and body and help keep us healthy during summer.

Vitamin C rich fruits like lemon, mausambi, orange, strawberry, pineapple should be abundantly used to avoid body heat and keep cool during the hot months.

High in fiber and essential nutrients, fruits and vegetables also help reduce weight, build immunity and keep body heat away.

4) Peppermint 

Peppermint has a cooling effect on the body. 

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer- NWoBS Blog

  • Peppermint tea, 
  • Peppermint and Lemon mixed with honey in water, 
  • Peppermint chutney
  • Peppermint Face Pack 
are a few ways you can to include it in your diet to reap its full benefits.

5) Wearing sunglasses and covering your heat also helps protect the body and eyes.

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer- NWoBS Blog

Use an umbrella or a hat to cover your head while using an effective sunscreen lotion to protect your body from the harmful uva rays.

[Read: Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPA 40 PA+++ Review ]

6) Tender coconut water

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer- NWoBS Blog

Tender Coconut Water's electrolyte composition replenishes lost nutrients from the body, provides energy and help lower body temperature.

Drink a glass of tender coconut water whenever you feel hot and exhausted.

PS: Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before drinking coconut water.

6) Sandalwood

Excellent coolant, sandalwood has been used to cool the body, relax the mind and enhance beauty since generations.

Include sandalwood body packs or use sandalwood oil on your forehead to keep away body heat and stay cool and beautiful.

7) Take a bath.

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer- NWoBS Blog

This may sound so common that this point is often disregarded when discussing ways to reduce body heat but taking daily baths in cool water help tremendously in lowering body temperature and refreshing the body.

8) Use Rose water

How to reduce body heat : Simple home remedies to reduce body heat and keep your body cool during summer- NWoBS Blog

Rosewater (gulab jal) instantly cools and soothes. 

  • Add 1 tbsp to your bathing water or 
  • spray some on your face and neck to cool your body and feel fresh.
  • Applying rose water dipped cotton strips over your eyes also helps in soothing the eyes and helps reduce the burning sensation in them.

[Read: Simple steps to achieve that perfect and beautiful skin without taking out extra time from your schedule. ]


Try these simple home remedies to reduce body heat and enjoy summer to the fullest!

Share your valuable comments in the section below. I love hearing from you.

5 Must Read Children's Books for ages five to seven

Reading with children is such a joy, whether you’re reading to them or they’re reading to you. As children reach the ages of five to seven years old, a whole array of stories open up for them. There are chapter books for this age range, in addition to the picture books that you read to them as babies in between learning how to sterilize baby bottles and changing diapers. 

5 Must Read Children's Books for ages five to seven -NWoBS Blog

Here are five of the best children’s books for this age range that you’ll want to add to your bookshelf.

5 Must Read Children's Books:

George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

NWoBS Blog : 5 Must Read Children's Books -George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl 

Roald Dahl’s books are loved the world over, and children in this age range are the perfect audience for such stories. All of Dahl’s classics are great, and the illustrations by Quentin Blake are wonderful. This particular story focuses on George and his miserable Grandma, and how he creates a marvellous medicine to try to cure her. Expect lots of shrieks and laughs.

Buy From:


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

5 Must Read Children's Books for ages five to seven- NWoBS Blog

This is one of those stories you probably told your children when they were just babies, and you were still in the phase of learning how to sterilize baby bottles. Even though they're growing up now, many children in this age range still adore the books they were read as very young children. This story of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly – and what it eats on its journey – is a favourite that parents and children alike love to come back to.

Buy From:

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

5 Must Read Children's Books for ages five to seven-NWoBS Blog

When children are this age they are very receptive to ideas that will shape who they become as people. That’s why books that teach them about being selfless and generous are so important at this impressionable stage of their lives. The apple tree in this story shows exactly that kind of unselfish behaviour in the service of the boy it loves. It provides a playground, food, source of income, shade, escape, home and so much more, expecting nothing in return. A great lesson in how to be happy by making others happy, and a great way to spark a conversation about give and take.

Buy From:

The Serpent's Revenge: Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata Paperback by Sudha Murty

The Serpent's Revenge: Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata Paperback by Sudha Murty- 5 Must Read Children's Books 

We all want our children to learn the stories we remember from our childhoods. We also want them to understand the epic tales of our culture. So it’s wonderful to introduce them to stories from the Mahabharata that have been specially presented for children of this age and older. They will learn the details like what lesson the mongoose taught Yudhisthira and why Yama was cursed. This is one that the parents will enjoy as much as the children.

Buy From:

Ramayana For Children by Arshia Sattar

Ramayana For Children by Arshia Sattar- 5 Must Read Children's Books

Another great option for cultural inheritance is to share stories from the Ramayana with your kids through books that have been written with their age in mind. Arshia Satta’s version takes the main story of the Ramayana and all of its enchanting aspects – a kidnapped princess, wicked stepmothers, princes, a monkey who can grow smaller or bigger and fly. In addition to the entertainment, this child’s adaptation also presents the complex philosophical ideas in ways they can understand.

Buy From:

So there are five must read children’s books for ages five to seven. Tell me in the comment box which ones you will read with your children!

NWoBS blog's privacy policy updates

Hey everyone!
Just letting you know that I’ve updated the Privacy Policy on my blog Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff (NWoBS) to hopefully better explain to you any data that is collected from you, how it’s used, and how you can control what you share through my blog. The changes take effect May 24, 2018.
As I mention on the blog’s Privacy Policy, I don’t actively collect anything from you other than just your name and email that you directly provide when you subscribe or comment and I certainly don’t do anything with that data other than use it to contact you via these emails, or if you’ve won a giveaway. I don’t ever sign anyone up for my newsletter personally, so you have to actively choose to sign up/subscribe yourself, and you can always unsubscribe at anytime in the link at the bottom of every newsletter I send.  You can read more details on the Privacy Policy if you wish. I’ve also worked hard to ensure that the policies and practices my blog follows meets the data privacy standards introduced by the GDPR, which goes into effect May 25, 2018.
When you use my blog or newsletter service on or after May 25, 2018, you’ll be agreeing to my blog's updated Privacy Policy which can be seen here in full. 
I’m so grateful to have all of you as a part of my book and lifestyle blog and I look forward to continuing to bring you the latest variety in multiple genres over the coming years. I can't wait for all the new things we're going to discover together!
Happy reading!!

From a klutz to a pro : story of my first perfect selfie

The idea that one can take a picture of oneself by oneself and not be dependent on another person to click their photo has taken the world by storm. "Selfie" has made capturing memorable moments that include ourselves so easy. We don't need anyone anymore to stand and press that button to freeze a cherished moment in time forever.

Once upon a time I was a total klutz and a utter failure in clicking selfies...

This being said, I was a total klutz and a utter failure in clicking selfies. Either my selfies came out blurred or my expressions gave me away. In majority of the selfies, I could be seen scrunching my nose in utter concentration as if one tremor would end the world or my tongue could be seen lolling sideways like a gaga person. {sigh}

Then viola! My perseverance bore fruit and I took my first memorable selfie!

However, as it is said by the wise Victor Hugo, "Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.", I too triumphed in clicking the perfect selfie one fine morning in 2017.

Story of my first perfect selfie...

I along with my whole family were visiting Mussourie. It was Lohri and my kid's first one at that so it was a big occasion. This selfie was taken early morning on Lohri day. I still remember the cool breeze that felt like a refreshingly cool mist on my face, the innocent excitement of my baby overjoyed at watching the sun rising over and above the low hanging clouds and the happiness of my family who were all so thankful to God for a gone by memorable year and prayed for a blessed new year.

Everything was just perfect.

Amidst this joy and excitement, I, my husband and baby came out to our balcony and while admiring the beauty outside, I jokingly told my husband that today would be the day when I'll click the perfect selfie.

He just laughed and said "We'll see."

"Oh! You'll see alright!" I had exclaimed and had clicked this selfie.

Story of my first perfect selfie and why it is so perfect -NWoBS Blog

A perfect moment, a first of many things, the first presentable selfie by me and the first photo where my kid actually looked in the camera! Notice how with his lolling tongue, he looks like he is taking this selfie not me. 

Memorable trip to Mussoorie and a selfie to remember- NWoBS Blog
Happy us in Mussoorie in 2017.
Another perfect moment captured by my husband in this selfie.

Perfect selfies that froze this memorable time and also marked the end of some of the most happiest times for my family.

Just a few days after returning from this amazing trip, my father-in-law had a sudden heart attack and left us all broken hearted.

He is now with God and we are only left with the memories of happier times.

My selfies of that trip are now a cherished collection, close to my heart and a legacy for my kid who will remember his "Dadu" through these photos.

From a klutz to a pro : story of my first perfect selfie- NWoBS Blog
One of the last photos of my family together. These were indeed happiest of moments and are just memories now.

A selfie a day keeps forgetfulness away...

From a klutz to a pro : story of my first perfect selfie- NWoBS Blog
Wear a smile and capture a perfect moment in a selfie.

From a klutz to a pro : story of my first perfect selfie- NWoBS Blog
Happy Mom and Son.
Took this selfie on my first out of city outing alone with my son.

From a klutz to a pro : story of my first perfect selfie- NWoBS Blog
Smile, feel beautiful and create a cherished memory.
Took this selfie on a dare and won!

Now that I have triumphed the art of taking selfies, I always keep a lookout for mobiles that make the selfie experience more enjoyable with crisp, clear selfies.

In my search for such a mobile, I came to know about the meaningful selfie experience provided by Mobiistar with their front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot. This means that you can now get more of the picturesque background into the frame and not have to worry about fitting in everybody either!

Mobistar is making a grand debut in India soon and you can buy Mobiistar on Flipkart.

Aim to enjoy life, collect memories and cherish even the small moments of happiness with family and friends. Click lots and lots of selfies (though please don't endanger your life in doing so) and 'Enjoy More' with Mobiistar's front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot.


Do share your thoughts with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you.

Release Day Blitz, Book Review and Giveaway : The Lady Loves a Scandal by Christina McKnight

The Lady Loves a Scandal by Christina McKnight

Book Review and Giveaway The Lady Loves a Scandal by Christina McKnight - NWoBS Blog

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Release Date: May 22, 2018

Can Gideon Lyndon win back the heart of Lady Sybil Anson after a year of silence?

Lady Sybil Anson thought she had it all. Even a match of the heart, despite so many London elite marrying for convenience. But the night before their betrothal was to become official, the love of her life vanished--with a hastily scrawled note and little more. She feared the worst as her heart ached for Gideon, and the scandal sheets simply made matters worse with their preposterous musings on the hows and whys of Viscount Galway's disappearance. Now, more than a year later, he's unexpectedly back, and Sybil will have her answers.

Many, many years ago, Gideon Lyndon made a grave mistake. One he's spent most of his adult life trying to rectify. And despite the progress made, the sacrifices were extensive and damaging. On the verge of repairing one misdeed, he finds himself faced with his greatest challenge yet: winning back the woman he has loved since the moment he met her. But after a year of silence, convincing his headstrong paramour to take him back will not be easy. Especially since he can't even explain why he left--not if he wants to keep her safe. 

Originally published in IT STARTED WITH A WHISPER Anthology 

Book Review:

The Lady Loves a Scandal by Christina McKnight is the story of Lady Sybil and Gideon Lyndon who love each other but get separated because of a deadly secret. 

The cover is beautiful and naughty giving the first impression of a racy regency romance but that isn't the case. The blurb is intriguing and add Christina McKnight's name to this mix and readers will stop to check this book!

I enjoy Christina's writing. She writes well crafted stories with wholesome romances, admirable world building, often times suspense or mystery that keep the readers guessing till the end and characters that become dear to us. I got to know about her a year back and after getting one taste of her writing, I have voraciously devoured her books which I can attest to with the ever increasing list of reviews I still have to write!

I thoroughly enjoyed each scene in this sweet romantic novella with its well developed characters, an engaging mystery that kept me on my toes and a wholesome, clean romance that tugged at my heartstrings and had me rooting for a happily-ever-after for the protagonists.

All in all, The Lady Loves a Scandal by Christina McKnight is a breezy, feel good historical suspense romance novella that is perfect to chill out in this blistering summer heat with a cool drink by your side. Njkinny recommends it to everyone and gives it 4.5 super shiny stars out of 5.

I received the book for review from the author and the tour organizers and I am very thankful to them. The above is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

Author Bio:

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Christina McKnight writes emotional and intricate Regency Romance with rebellious women and maverick heroes. 

Her books combine romance and mystery, exploring themes of redemption and forgiveness. When not writing she enjoys coffee, wine, traveling the world, and watching television. 

You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon


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Book Review, Giveaway and Blog Tour of The Lady Loves a Scandal by Christina McKnight on NWoBS Blog

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